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The 1st Tampa Korean Table Tennis Tournament

재미플로리다대한체육회(회장 정승문) 주관으로 제1회 탬파 한인 탁구대회가 5일 오후 3시 새빛교회에서 개최 되었습니다.

재미플로리다탁구협회(회장 이창재) 주최로 열린 이 대회는 청·장년부 남자와 여자부로 나눠 진행 되어 그동안 펜데믹으로 인해 둔화 되었던 실내 활동을 맘껏 즐기는 하루 였습니다.

탬파 한인 들을 위해 탁구대회 를 주관해 주신 재미 플로리다 대한 체육회 정승문 회장님과 재미 플로리다 탁구 협회 이창재 회장님 께 감사드립니다.

The 1st Tampa Korean Table Tennis Tournament was held on the 5th at 3 pm at Sabit Church, hosted by the Florida Korea Sports Association (Chairman Jeong Seung-moon).

Hosted by the Florida Table Tennis Association (Chairman Lee Chang-Jae), this competition was divided into men's and women's divisions, and it was a day to fully enjoy indoor activities that had been slowed down due to the pandemic.

I would like to express my gratitude to Chung Seung-moon, President of the Florida Korean Athletic Association, and Lee Chang-Jae, President of the Florida Table Tennis Association, for hosting the table tennis tournament for Tampa Koreans.

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